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Great photography is not only about capturing a special moment in time, but doing so in a way that tells a story that evokes feelings and emotions within that single captured image!  Admittedly, I am equally (if not more) a nerd as I am an artist. Thus a major reason why the art of photography has always fascinated me, as it's a beautiful blend of both creative artistry and scientific principles. Combined with an opportunity to process and produce media projects with incredibly dynamic, cutting edge and technological tools, I find great joy and satisfaction in all the work that I'm fortunate to do. When shooting, my major focus is on creating or finding that special moment in time and precisely capturing it from the perfect perspective while using the most optimal circumstantial methodology. From start to finish, I'm committed and look forward to the opportunity to help my clients attain the most effective and beautiful images to showcase themselves, their projects, products and passions.  

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